BENCU launches HRD Irving Vincent apparel

A brand is nothing without authenticity. Meaning, that it not only resonates historically with people but it delivers on its promise today. A brand is nothing without its ability to generate excitement. Meaning that it is, the best in its field or stands as unique, attracting more attention than others. The best brands in the world do both, and if you add exclusivity into this mix, you have something very special. So it was that the engineers behind Irving Vincent Motorcycles, HRD (Horner Race Development), approached Bencu to help launch an apparel company. Their race motorcycles are unique, they are custom made by hand (est. cost $500k each and not available for purchase), they have a lineage running back to the famous Vincent 'Black Shadow' and they win famous races all around the world. Built by brave perfectionists, heralded as geniuses, their mechanical wisdom has been applied to some cool-ass threads. Wearing their tees, I feel like I'm in Hilfiger, wearing their jackets feels like I'm swinging Prada. It is a special kind of magic. It is a beautifully sparse, high-end first offering from a team of visionaries that will be around for a long time.