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The world has not seen two more unlikely pop-stars. But for Jewish gentlemen Danny Segal and Paul Glass (The Clones) their shot at the top of the music charts is a dream they have never given up on. Now bald, rotund and 50 they are going for it. They’ve booked themselves to open a major Asian music conference in Hong Kong and are taking their manager (a former politician) a wife (who has just about had enough) Danny’s daughter (who has far more potential talent – and tells them so) and four incredibly talented young female backing singers, whose lust for life perpetuate The Clones dream (as industry heavy weights fall around them salivating). 

Bonkers in Honkers is a documentary about pursuing the dream at any cost. With the irony almost too thick to see through (when you consider the current world of glistening, nubile pop music) what is revealed over time is two men, that while showcasing a myriad flaws and unnerving naivety, engage the world with incredible drive, a passion for music, a positive and loving outlook and a total disregard for what anyone else thinks. Which in the end delivers a conclusion that Coldplay would have been patting themselves on the back about.

 The Clones Bonkers in Honkers is about never giving up on your dream. It shows us that it is never too late to fulfil your destiny and that the worst thing you can do is die wondering. It is a film that has an undeniable spirit of passion, music, family and friendship which in the end rises above a couple of old blokes trying to get a record contract.


Documentary / Rockumentary / Mockumentary (60mins)


Director / Producer / Writer: Ben Cunningham




Post production / Finance / Distribution